V. 1 N. 2 (2022)

Collection of wonders. To the 500th anniversary of Ulisse Aldrovandi

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Pubblicato 20-12-2022

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Redazione. (2022). Collection of wonders. To the 500th anniversary of Ulisse Aldrovandi. Aldrovandiana. Historical Studies in Natural History, 1(2), 180. Recuperato da https://aldrovandiana.it/article/view/42


The exhibition halls of the Darwin Museum will be decorated with engravings of Ulisse Aldrovandi (1522–1605), an Italian Renaissance scientist and father of natural science. The range of interests of Ulisse Aldrovandi was unusually wide: philosophy and logic, mathematics and law, anatomy and botany. He studied in Bologna, Padua, Rome and Pisa. He had gathered the richest collection of natural science objects, later it was bequeathed to the Senate of Bologna. He founded the Botanical Gardens of Bologna. But most of all Aldrovandi is known as the author of 13 volumes of richly illustrated edition of natural history. The monumental work is dedicated to birds, insects, mollusks and crustaceans, fish, quadrupeds and snakes, minerals and plants. In addition to real animals, Ulisse Aldrovandi described mythological creatures: dragons, basilisks and sea monsters. Copies of engravings from Aldrovandi’s books kept in the funds of the Darwin Museum will be presented at the exhibition.